interfacing 5110 lcd with arduino : Graphical & Text

interfacing 5110 lcd with arduino : Graphical & Text

In this tutorial, we’ll be interfacing 5110 lcd with arduino. We will learn to print text using library and also to print graphical images by converting bitmap image into codes.

lets list down what we are going to learn in this tutorial :
                 1) wiring up nokia 5110 lcd with arduino
                 2) coding and installing lcd library to print texts
                 3) draw a bitmap(.bmp) picture
                 4) convert bitmap picture into code using lcd assistant and printing it on 5110 lcd using arduino.

Things we will need during this project:

  1. Arduino Uno or Arduino Mega
  2. Breadboard
  3. Male to male jumper wires
  4. Nokia 5110 lcd module

let’s start,

First do the wiring,

with the lcd module we are using wiring is very easy.see the pictures,

























Now we have to Install the library,

download the file from here, unzip it,then copy and paste the folder to Program Files > Arduino > libraries

dddddin my case it was,


but if you have installed arduino in another drive.Then find it and paste the unzipped folder in libraries.

an easy way to do this is to right click on arduino.exe (the application) and select open file location . You will find libraries folder there. Paste the unzipped folder in libraries folder .

or you can directly use the zip file to include library,see the tutorial here.

After installing the library it is time for “The code”,

#include <LCD5110_Graph.h>

LCD5110 myGLCD(7,6,5,3,4);

extern uint8_t SmallFont[];
extern unsigned char TinyFont[];

float y;
uint8_t* bm;
int pacy;

void setup()
  myGLCD.setFont(SmallFont); //default font size

void loop()
  myGLCD.setFont(SmallFont); //set font size..for smaller fonts use "Tinyfont" instead of "Smallfont"
  myGLCD.print("5110 LCD", CENTER, 5); //CENTER is for horizontal position.for vertical position i have taken 5 as the upper pixel 
  myGLCD.print("", CENTER, 20); //text will appear hozontally in CENTER, vertical 20 pixels down     
  myGLCD.print("Happy", 20, 8); //text will appear hozontally 20, vertically 8 pixels down
  myGLCD.print("Robotics", 40, 28); //text will appear hozontally 40, vertically 28 pixels down     
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:


though the code is quite simple itself, i’ve  included some comments to make it easier to understand .

so now upload the code to arduino, see the magic  😀
make changes in position and texts along with the font size to customize the code and practice.but keep in mind that the screen is 48×84 pixels so the positions should be in the boundary for your text to be fully visible. like CENTER you can also use LEFT and RIGHT for both horizontal and vertical alignment.

there are many things you can try with this awsome lcd by mastering the code.

Don’t forget to comment your results and also if you have any query.For learnig advanced tasks and graphical drawings along with some easy animations with 5110 lcd module please like,follow and share our tutorials and stay tuned, next tutorial on 5110 lcd advanced coming soon.


comment your suggestion and questions.It really helps us to be better!









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